Tamil Baby Boy Names With Numerology

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I want hindu name for new born boy baby as per the indian Astrology and Numerology DOB 2/07/2008 time 4.06pm?

rasi –mithunam
Nakshtra –Thiruvathurai
letters to start with — tamil word — ka, ku, sa

As per Cheiro’s numorology birth number of new born baby is 2.In numorology,it is stated that name number should be made same as the birth number is,to get more benefits in life.Numerical values of english characters is as under:-
The baby is born in mithun(gemini)rasi and his birth star(constellation) is Aridra-1st quarter and the first character for the name is earmarked as ‘ku’ in hindu astrology.
Now you can manipulate and name your baby as per your choice.

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